Improvement of Infrastructure and Upgradation of Essential Facilities at LBSNAA

• During financial year 2021-22, Major Project s was running at LBSNAA is as under:

1. New Sports Complex ---- Completed
2. Fencing of LBSNAA ---- Completed
3. New monastery Hostel ---- Inauguration by President on 09.12.2022

• Course conduct in LBSNAA

1. Foundation Course
2. Phase I
3. Phase II
4. Phase III
5. Phase IV
6. Phase V
7. Induction Course
8. Joint Civil Military Programme
9. Common MCTP (New Training Program)

• Capital Budget is utilized for construction of New Sports Complex, Fencing of LBSNAA and construction of New Monastery Hostel.

• Revenue is utilized for upkeeping of hostel facility in LBSNAA.