Training For All (TFA)

The Central Sector Scheme, ‘Training For All (TFA)’ is being implemented by DoPT since 1992. Presently, the Scheme has 4 components:

1. State Category Training Programme (SCTP): State / UT ATIs are supported for organizing short-term (generally 3 days) training programmes in the areas accorded priority by the Central Government. These programmes are designed on thematic subjects (soft skills, general and domain-specific) for senior and middle level officials of State / UT Governments / State PSUs / Autonomous Bodies to develop management skills and knowledge on different subjects and to sensitize them about important issues. Course fee is Rs.1,500/- per day per participant.

2. Trainers’ Development Programme (TDP) & Faculty Development Scheme (FDS) : TDP was launched in 1983 with the goal of strengthening the capabilities of Central and State training institutions to train administrators in providing effective public service. The programme had subsequently been institutionalized in early 1990s. Indigenous mechanisms have been developed over a period of time. The objective is to develop a cadre of professional trainers and resource persons in the country to create a cascading and multiplier effect by developing employees of Central / State Governments as Master Trainers and Recognized Trainers in various “Training of Trainers (ToT)” packages with a view of strengthening capabilities of Central and State training institutes to train administrators. A systematic approach to training has been embedded into the process of designing and imparting effective training to government officials. Training skills are developed in the following ToTs - Direct Trainers Skill (DTS), Design of Training (DoT), Evaluation of Training (EoT), Experiential Learning Tools (ELT), Management of Training (MOT), Training Needs Analysis (TNA), Mentoring Skills, and Facilitation Skills. Course fee is Rs.2,000/- per day per participant.

FDS is implemented with a view to broadening and honing the knowledge and skill base of the trainers developed by this Department under TDP component and also the faculty members of various Central / State training institutes. The trainers / faculty members are sponsored to undergo training in domestic short duration programmes / correspondence courses conducted by premier Intuitions. This Department provides financial assistance up to Rs.75,000/- per participant in a block of two years.

3. Comprehensive Online Modified Modules on Induction Training (COMMIT): Training programme in blended format was launched in 2017. Through this programme, more than 3 lakh officials could be provided training every year. The objective of the Induction Training Programme is to develop generic & domain specific competencies in cutting edge level government functionaries for strengthening their capabilities and bring an attitudinal shift, in order to improve the public service delivery mechanism. It has 15 e-Modules of 20 hours duration - 12 modules on generic subjects viz. soft skills (personal management) and 3 on domain-specific subjects (RTI Act, Office Procedure & Finance and Accounts). In addition, an 8-hour long introductory session about the modules on generic subjects is held in in-person mode. The programme is implemented through ATIs. The advantages of this blended programmes include flexibility of time and convenience while retaining the benefits of face-to-face classroom experience.

4. Augmentation of Capacity of Training Institutions (ACTI): The objective of this initiative is providing support to State / UT ATIs for augmenting infrastructure in the form of hardware, software and courseware, networking of training institutions and consolidating the training ware; and developing case studies, e-learning packages, training films, organizing workshops, special programmes, seminars etc. This Department bears 90% of the cost of the items and the concerned ATI bears the balance 10% of the cost as matching contribution.

Note: 12-Day Induction Training Programme (12-Day ITP) and Intensive Training Programme (ITP) components have been dropped from the Scheme; and TDP and FDS components have been merged as ‘TDP-FDS’ from CFY.